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Semarang will Have Culinary Center

Semarang will have the latest food and snack Center with the construction of the shelter pujasera Pekunden district targeted for completion later this year.To the idea of mewuujudkan, Semarang City Government is still making shelters for street vendors (STREET VENDORS) in the Pekunden or South of Batan. "This year is complete," stated the head of The Market Trijoto Sarjoko.

According to him, there are at least 77 shelters were built to facilitate the food STREET VENDORS and a host of other STREET VENDORS in the area that will soon be laid out if the  work was completed.His plan, structuring the culinary in Pekunden STREET VENDORS will be conceptualized as STREET VENDORS in the area so that it can become the center of Simpanglima new culinary in Semarang.

The Pekunden is prepared as a hawker centre and new kulier in Semarang city in the presence of STREET VENDORS-STREET VENDORS who are occupying shelters-shelters regularly and neat. "Later, the shelters are there in Pekunden will be the same as those built for STREET VENDORS at Simpanglima. For 2014, project work shelter STREET VENDORS only in areas Pekunden, Semarang, "said Trijoto
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