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Coffee Mencicip Durian in Jakarta

Tired of drinking black coffee that it-it only? Want to find something more flavorful and challenging? Try variations of coffee will make your morning coffee more exciting — durian.

Fruit crisp-skinned and smelling  it is loved by many people — but also shunned caffeine rich drinks, so this is only for those who like durian. Durian is a typical coffee coffee North Sumatra brought to Jakarta by Ramadan Nuhatada, owner of the coffee shop Deli.

A small cafe that offers a variety of coffee and tea from the Deli, the area around the city of Medan, North Sumatra.

The Menu has to offer including some specialties, such as the vegetable Fields and jackfruit cake lupis, triangular shaped glutinous gravy seasoned brown sugar liquid and grated coconut.

In the menu, Ramadan, 41 years, wrote that he built the restaurant in March 2012 because of "love and nostalgia" against his hometown Deli.

Therefore, this café interior are decorated with tables and chairs from teak wood as well as the lights Dim, made in order to maintain originality Deli atmosphere in the past. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will feel like in Netherlands-houses in the past, with Windows beige and green as well as antique kitchen utensils.

To try an authentic culinary experience the terrain, you must try the black coffee that smells of Sidikilang sharply. Coffee competes with the coffee company of Sidikilang Mandailing for requested best coffee beans being the origin of North Sumatra.

But if you really want to try the coffee fields, you should order the coffee of durian ($ 32,000). Yes, the Terrain was fond of mixing local durian with the sweetened condensed milk into their coffee. The terrain is one of the best manufacturers of durian and coffee in Indonesia. A mixture of both produce a creamy coffee and sweet with the scent of Tuberose — if you could enjoy the sharp smell of durian.
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