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Cat Tongue Cheese Cake Recipes Yummy Crispy Specials

Cat Tongue pastry is delicious Crunchy specials-stay counting the days, Ramadan andlebaran is already in sight. If you guys want to make a cake, cake's own tongue lebaranthis cat could you guys try with easy and practical. For the problem of taste,guaranteed is very tasty and crispy.

Cat Tongue Pastry Recipe with Cheese Crispy Delicious this Special, you guys could make a cat tongue pastry yourself at home, without complication and withoutdizziness. Because, the cat Tongue pastry Recipes Delicious Cheese Crisp Special it's been my process as easy as possible, up to sepraktis and really special for all of you.

Curious with how to make a cat tongue pastry using cookie recipe Cat Tongue TastyCheese Crisp Special ala dapursaja? Here's a Cat Tongue Cheese cake recipes YummyCrunchy Specials could you guys try and practise yourself at: ruamah

Delicious Crunchy Cat Tongue Pastry

Pastry Recipe Cat Tongue Tasty Cheese Crisp Special

The Ingredients To Make Delicious Cheese Cat Tongue Pastry Crisp:
200 g margarine
100 grams flour sugar
160 grams of low-protein flour
10 g powdered milk
5 egg whites
50 grams of sugar, sifted flour

How To Make A Cat Tongue Pastry Crispy Delicious:

Beat the margarine until soft. Put the flour with sugar. Whisk again until soft, 10 minutes.
Put the flour, powdered milk and sifted and stirred while flat. Set Aside.
Beat the egg whites until fluffy and a half. Add flour a little-a little while sugar beatenuntil fluffy. Sendokkan egg whites into the batter a little-a little flour while stirring.
Enter triangle bags. Spray a baking sheet in a cat's tongue dioles margarine is a bitthick.
The Oven 15 minutes with a temperature of 140 degrees celsius.
Like that's how to make a cat tongue pastry is delicious crispy by using Cat Tonguepastry Recipes Delicious Cheese Crisp special. Easy and practical, isn't it? Hopefully the  cat Tongue pastry Recipes Delicious Cheese Crisp Special it could be useful for all of you. Good luck.

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