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Wingko Babat

Super qiiuuuttt TAH Trio, this is the 14th:D
Sorry Yes less beautiful in appearance, because everything I sent was first made, butputu ayu, qiqiqi of ...
But it feels good koq, disimpen new proof on the table for less than half of dah, in a period of less than a half hour. fiuuuh, fortunately had photographed used to be Yes.
Reckless little ga what well, evidence that the NCC really spur members to be bakingbetter and better again. Amin.
Many say this snack derives from Semarang, but apparently it originated in Babat, a small area in Lamongan, East Java.
And many people have jobs because of the food, because many companies that produce it.
Here's the recipe of Delicacies. Hopefully pleasing yaaa ... ....

150 grams of white sticky rice flour
300 grams of grated coconut rough
1/8 teaspoon vanilla powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
200 g granulated sugar
1 egg
150 g thick coconut milk instant
3 pieces of jackfruit, cut in squares (ga pake ga, soalnya, hehehe ...)

The Way Of Processing:
Mix glutinous flour white, coarsely grated coconut, vanilla powder, salt, and sugar.Squeeze-squeeze until the sugar dissolves.
Add the eggs. Mix well. Pour the coconut milk a little-a little while diuleni flat. Enter the jackfruit. Mix well.
Pipihkan dough. Spherical shape.
Preheat a wok is flat. Wingko is grilled  until cooked.
For 32 pieces

Who does not know the pempek? A typical meal with Palembang has a distinctiveflavor and delicious mixed with seasoning made from tamarind, sugar, and other ingredients. Pempek liked by almost everyone, especially those who are fond of spicyand savory foods such as pempek. Regular Pempek is served with chunks of cucumbercut squares to neutralize the spicy flavor and makes a meal more fresh pempek. There have been many that sell good stall pempek food stalls on the roadside and in therestaurant a restaurant that makes its own pempeknya or also makes special from the makers of pempek. The best Pempek are made of flour and mashed mackerel fishmeat. Therefore, the ideals it was savory, crunchy, spicy, United in your mouth with a very refreshing spiciness. It would be nice if you can make yourself your favoritepempek is at home with ingredients that are already secured, clean and healthy, wellyou don't have to bother looking for seller pempek on the highway or into placeswhere to eat.

500 gr of mackerel fish meat
500 gr of starch
1/2 tbsp salt
4 eggs
1/2 teaspoon seasoning
75 cc of water
100 gr ebi
250 cc of water is heated
500 gr of wet noodles
2 liters of water
50 grams glass noodles
250 cc of water is heated
2 pieces of cucumber
Mix the chopped fish mackerel with starch, salt, and seasoning, then stir well, turningthe water a little bit tuangi while diuleni to the dough can be shaped and not inherentin hand.
the already formed dough lengthwise and put into boiling water
lift the pempek, then drain, and FRY in hot oil sampat brownish/mature.
Pempek can be served cooked properly wet noodles, glass noodles, or ebi thatroasted peanuts.
As a complement, cut cucumber boxes with small size/you like and then sprinkle on the seasoning had poured pempek asamnya which was delicious and spicy.

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