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This Menu Is Called Chicken Rice

Full of spices and pungent, so characteristic of Balinese cuisine. Fans often refer to the island of gods cuisine rice with assorted side dishes typical of Bali as "Bali Rice". In Ubud, Bali "rice" is referred to as "chicken rice" because it uses the versatile side dish of chicken.

There is a presumption in the culinary Department of Ubud is expensive. In fact, if you stop by the area of Kedewatan adjacent rice stalls, there is so famous and tasty, but with a very affordable price. Frequent travellers to Bali would certainly have been acquainted with the mother of Kedewatan adjacent Mangku chicken rice.

This place is so famous and entered in the international and domestic travellers recommendation as dining options in Ubud. Entered into a "stall" is indeed a simple and not too impressed at large. There are only a few wooden tables and chairs. But don't get me wrong, it is surprising at first, try running is getting into. There are several halls equipped desk to sit cross-legged.

Certainly all the typical Balinese House architecture. So eat at this place like the Middle were packed by the friend of the people of Bali in her home.

Chicken Rice Kedewatan adjacent Mother Mangku also provides a menu for the group. So if you come in a group, it is suitable to be used as a lunch option. Let alone a place large enough to accommodate up to dozens of people. Unfortunately, the narrow streets and there was no parking for car or bus, can be a constraint.

For the menu groups presented in the form of a buffet. The menu can be selected. But at a cost of $ 5 per person, at least 50 people, could get some rice, side dish, vegetable, fruit, and mineral water.

The fruit is usually orange. While they make is chicken pelalah chicken or shredded-shred and given a full set of familiar spices seasoning called megenep. His trademark is the spicy flavor of Chili, turmeric and kaempferia galanga flavor dominant, and the strong scent of Lemongrass.

Additional courses: lilit satai is chicken and egg boiled. While the vegetable is a vegetable audience for, i.e., long beans and grated coconut. Usually the audience using the meat, but the audience only contains plain vegetable vegetables only.

Would not be complete without chicken rice chilli sauce. Sambal chilli embe is presented or the sambal  fried shallots. It consists of spicy cayenne pepper, the onion has been fried, and shrimp paste.

If you come by yourself, one serving of chicken rice pelalah chicken which consisted of shredded or chunk chicken thighs, boiled egg, and vegetable audience, satai lilit, and fried peanuts and crisps the skin only Rp 17,000. Very cheap for the portions are quite large.

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