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Campina Launches Two New Ice Cream Flavors To Taste Young Indonesia

ce cream is one of the popular dishes throughout the ages. Available in various types, shapes and flavours, ice cream is able to give joy, improving mood and spoiling the tongue.
In Indonesia, the rate of pengonsumsian ice cream was still inferior to other countries in Southeast Asia. As delivered, the National Sales Andjono Adji &, Marketing Manager of Campina, "consumption of ice cream in Indonesia including low i.e. 0.6 litres per capita per year."

But on the other hand, the amount of ice cream consumption among the youth in Indonesia is quite high.

"For teens can konsumsinya three times per capita, reaching a 2 liter," bright Adji currently found in the launch of two new flavors of Campina Concerto Bold at Tartine, FX Lifestyle X'nter Sudirman, Jakarta, Monday (9/9).

The Philippines ranked the highest level ice cream pengonsumsian in Southeast Asia. While Thailand occupied the second position. This is influenced by several factors such as history, economics and culture.

However, Indonesia still has a high number of enthusiasts if talk among teenagers. Ice cream flavor that is known to the most sought after chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

With the high interest in ice cream in Indonesia, PT Campina Ice Cream Industry (Campina) launched two new variants of the Bold, the Concerto Choco Brownie and Milky Berry.

Ice cream cone with chocolate slab is made specifically according to the tastes of teenagers. Choco Brownie ice cream cone offer chocolate with bits of cake brownies, chocolate sauce, chocolate layer chocolate sprinkles and mini. While the Milky Berry ice cream cone flavor is vanilla with  strawberry sauce, a layer of chocolate and nut topping.

Expected to give a complete eating experience as well as enthusiasm for new ice cream lovers.

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