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Mencicip Meal Mukimin origin Sumsel at Mecca

Pempek Fish Submarine Belida Bangladesh

For most of the Congregation and the clerk original of haji Sumatera Selatan (Sumsel), the name of the city Mecca Rozali Ruslan, are familiar. Mukimin had decades of settled in the Arjazair, the Utaibiah, considered the Jarwal elders and trusted as a representative for most travel agents travel Hajj and ' umrah.


At FIRST GLANCE, it looks from the outside only a shophouse building and pieces of typical Arabian. Looks drab and dull are exposed to dust, authors and groups of officers 6 Kloter Palembang then enters and then ride the elevator to the 5th floor, passed up stairs to the 6th floor.
Until finally in a doorway, Ruslan and his wife, Laila, open the door and welcome groups. "Waalaikum salam, sign-in," said Ruslan, answering greetings from Chairman Kloter 6 Palembang HM Herri Zakka.
Difference temperature outdoors, so enter a House feels so full air conditioning Door was immediately closed, so that hot steam could not get into the room. Sound of music songs sound too Sumsel area, from the DVD set in the living room.
As a food and beverage opener, guests are served fruit and typical arab coffee kurman (gahwa). Coffee taste like spices, kinda tasted slightly spicy and warm like bandrek. Palembang, South Sumatra and specialties is also, already terhidang.
For a light snack, pempek submarines, meatballs, fried vegetable fritter, sweet, fruit and ice-sop leccy-jackfruit-already presented in the living room table. "Payo, diaturi. Dewek-Ambek dewek. Nak pempek apo meatballs, dak need to be shy, "said Ruslan offers.
Fruits are also presented, such as kiwi fruit, black and green grapes, apples, oranges, and bananas. "Kalo nak eat rice, back on the table," added Ruslan.
On the table behind the buffet style, already terhidang Indonesia specialities. Boiled fish such as catfish, fish laish, vegetable butters sayur lodeh, good, chicken goulash, mujahir fish, fried chicken, fried shrimp, tofu-tempeh, gado-gado, chicken soup, meat soup, egg Sambal, noodle stir-fry, and
"This fish Pempek belido import from Bangladesh, many in the market of Mecca," said Ruslan, a man from the village of Sri Tanjung, Tanjung Batu, Ogan Ilir Regency (OI). He has already lived and settled (mukimin) in Mecca, since 40 years ago. Beloved wife was acquainted with in the Holy land.

While his wife are alumni of the Faculty of agriculture (FP) Sriwijaya University, already 31 years old be mukimin in Mecca. "Thank God, there have  been grandchild three people. Our two children, lived in Palembang. Kelapa Gading, complex blocks of G 2, Km 9. Opposite the garden of flowers, "bright Laila, who comes from the village of Rantau love, S, Sub District Muba.
According to Laila, each season of Hajj House is open 24 hours for the Congregation of Indonesia. Moreover, her husband, as representative in Mecca than a few Hajj and umrah travel agents. So it is also busy, as the seasons of Hajj like this.
Ruslan justify, officers made up of several regions such as Yogyakarta, Surakarta, Magelang, and Palembang, and others. If this helps the Hajj season traveling, like a guide city tour, Hajj or umrah ba'dal, to help you find suitable cattle to pay for dam or sacrifice.
Even though it was busy and working in the Holy Land, Ruslan was not forgotten with a hometown. Every year, he and his wife have always returned to Palembang and the village of his birth. "Out of this Hajj balek, since november 5, ado's nephew married. Anaknyo Pak Sulaiman Al-Hikmah KBIH ketuo, "he said

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