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Sticky rice balls recipe Contents Kumbu

Also called onde-onde, cakes made from glutinous rice flour. From this cute shape you'll want to immediately taste it. While the Kumbu is a term to describe the contents of the brown sugar.


500 gr of glutinous rice, soak for 1 hour
500 ml coconut milk
2 pieces of bay leaf
1 stalk Lemongrass, memarkan
1 teaspoon salt
50 gr of White Sesame
50 gr black sesame
Oil for frying

Material content:
Chocolate aniseed sprinkles
Dates, seeded

How to make:

1. Glutinous: sticky rice Steamed with medium heat for 30 minutes, raise.
2. boil coconut milk, pandan leaves, salt, bay leaf, and stem of Lemongrass while stir until boil. Steamed sticky rice until done.
3. take a sticky dough approximately 10 grams, form balls, fill with the stuffing ingredients, such as dates. Rounded back, roll over white and black sesame mixture. Make sure the entire surface of the median swathed. Do continue until all the dough is used up.
4. Fry in hot oil over medium heat for 2 minutes. Remove, drain, prick with a skewer. Serve warm.

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