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Busy Nangis, Dewi Sandra Absent on Marraige Chua "box"

Goddess Sandra apologized to Chua's "box", and Firmansyah Putra Mahidin, because it is not able to attend their wedding held in the town of Salatiga, Central Java.

"I'm sorry baseball could come up again, because it is busy to cry," said Dewi asquoted obsession, Globab TV.

In that opportunity, the goddess also denied marriage to Chua and the word heldimpromptu. Remember, the goddess is enough to know the process of their approach.

"I can go to the baseball card. Pas I know says the same courting Chua, ' Hey, I knowthe same lo ', ' Lo doing the same sister I? '. ' Hehehe, okay, young man ', "saidVelasquez.

"His approach is quite a long Process, so we have a lot of hospitality with family. I'm happy, I'm very happy for them both, they finally find one decision to unitethemselves, to worship, we wish happy always, "shut him up.

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