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October 10 2014


Semarang will Have Culinary Center

Semarang will have the latest food and snack Center with the construction of the shelter pujasera Pekunden district targeted for completion later this year.To the idea of mewuujudkan, Semarang City Government is still making shelters for street vendors (STREET VENDORS) in the Pekunden or South of Batan. "This year is complete," stated the head of The Market Trijoto Sarjoko.

According to him, there are at least 77 shelters were built to facilitate the food STREET VENDORS and a host of other STREET VENDORS in the area that will soon be laid out if the  work was completed.His plan, structuring the culinary in Pekunden STREET VENDORS will be conceptualized as STREET VENDORS in the area so that it can become the center of Simpanglima new culinary in Semarang.

The Pekunden is prepared as a hawker centre and new kulier in Semarang city in the presence of STREET VENDORS-STREET VENDORS who are occupying shelters-shelters regularly and neat. "Later, the shelters are there in Pekunden will be the same as those built for STREET VENDORS at Simpanglima. For 2014, project work shelter STREET VENDORS only in areas Pekunden, Semarang, "said Trijoto
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October 08 2014


Coffee Mencicip Durian in Jakarta

Tired of drinking black coffee that it-it only? Want to find something more flavorful and challenging? Try variations of coffee will make your morning coffee more exciting — durian.

Fruit crisp-skinned and smelling  it is loved by many people — but also shunned caffeine rich drinks, so this is only for those who like durian. Durian is a typical coffee coffee North Sumatra brought to Jakarta by Ramadan Nuhatada, owner of the coffee shop Deli.

A small cafe that offers a variety of coffee and tea from the Deli, the area around the city of Medan, North Sumatra.

The Menu has to offer including some specialties, such as the vegetable Fields and jackfruit cake lupis, triangular shaped glutinous gravy seasoned brown sugar liquid and grated coconut.

In the menu, Ramadan, 41 years, wrote that he built the restaurant in March 2012 because of "love and nostalgia" against his hometown Deli.

Therefore, this café interior are decorated with tables and chairs from teak wood as well as the lights Dim, made in order to maintain originality Deli atmosphere in the past. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will feel like in Netherlands-houses in the past, with Windows beige and green as well as antique kitchen utensils.

To try an authentic culinary experience the terrain, you must try the black coffee that smells of Sidikilang sharply. Coffee competes with the coffee company of Sidikilang Mandailing for requested best coffee beans being the origin of North Sumatra.

But if you really want to try the coffee fields, you should order the coffee of durian ($ 32,000). Yes, the Terrain was fond of mixing local durian with the sweetened condensed milk into their coffee. The terrain is one of the best manufacturers of durian and coffee in Indonesia. A mixture of both produce a creamy coffee and sweet with the scent of Tuberose — if you could enjoy the sharp smell of durian.
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This Is Not The Recommended Healthy Food Is Consumed Excessively

Eating healthy foods need to be daily menus. However, you must still be careful, because some healthy meals if consumed excessively thus will harm.

The following foods – healthy foods that you should not be excessive consumption, so that they cannot interfere with health:

Oranges and tomatoes
You have to be careful not to eat them too much, because the asamnya is high. So says Gina Sam, MD, MPH, Director of the Mount Sinai Gastrointestinal Motility Center at The Mount Sinai Hospital. Acid intake may increase associated with eating too much citrus or tomatoes and can cause reflux (stomach acid disorders). If left alone, it can cause stomach acid up  into the esophagus, causing the lesion (abnormal tissue) precancerous. We recommend that you eat no more than two orange or tomato a day, and avoid this fruit at all if you have symptoms of reflux.

Canned Tuna
Low calorie fish very practical indeed. Usually for a sandwich. However, eating too much can lead to a buildup of dangerous levels of mercury. According to the study, mercury in tuna fish is higher than many other fish. Excessive mercury intake can cause vision problems, hearing loss and speech, lack of coordination, and weak muscles. Make sure you don't consume more than 3-5 cans of tuna a week, said Sam. Canned tuna can be replaced with low-mercury fish, like salmon or shrimp.

Good health is the key to taking any water. However, excessive consumption can lead to water intoxication. So says Alan r. Gaby, MD, author of Nutritional Medicine. Extreme water melt the intake of sodium in the body, so blood sodium levels become low and may lead to impaired brain function, or even death. Ideally, how much water you drink is safe? Check your urine. If the colour is clear, you should reduce your intake.

Soy can help control blood pressure and cholesterol levels when consumed in moderate amounts, and inhibits the absorption of iron. However, when consumed in excess, potentially causing iron deficiency anemia. Soy also contains compounds similar to estrogen (isoflavone). Long-term consumption of large amounts of potentially cause Endometrial hyperplasia, growth of the lining of the uterus that can cause uterine cancer. We suggest that soy consumption of two servings per day.

Spinach is an excellent source of protein, fiber and various vitamins and minerals. Spinach is also high in lutein, a carotenoid that may help prevent macular degeneration (a common cause of vision loss and blindness). But the spinach is also high in oxalate, i.e. compounds that can lead to the formation of kidney stones. Avoid excessive consumption of spinach.

Brazil nuts
This crunchy snack is a source of protein, fiber, essential fatty acid, and selenium. Eating nuts has been proven to lower cholesterol and blood pressure. But eat nuts every day can poison the body, which can cause hair loss, the fragility of nails, dermatitis, neurological disorders, and in the case of heavy, death. Joel Fuhrman, m.d., a family physician, nutritionist and author of The End of the Diet said, should consume no more than 10 items per day.

Animal Protein
If you are too rely on a low-fat meats, such as chicken breasts or white eggs for protein daily, preferably reduced. Fuhrman says, consuming too much animal protein can be dangerous because it makes the body produces the hormone insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which promotes aging and increases the risk of cancer (especially breast cancer). Even in a study published in Cell Metabolism mentioned that there was increased four times the risk of cancer-related death and increased 75 percent overall death rate in those who consume at least 20 percent of calories from animal protein needs. Try to get most of your protein from plants, such as beans and grains.
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October 02 2014


Recipe How To Make Elephant Ear Pastries Tasty Crunchy

Recipe How To Make Elephant Ear Pastries Tasty Crispy. One elephant ear pastriescakes that often  become the choice for cakes lebaran. The taste is crisp and sweet likea lot of people. Well, want to know how to make Tasty Elephant Ear Pastries in thisCrunch. Check out the recipe this one yach 

500 grams of wheat flour proteins are
160 grams powdered sugar
1 tbsp milk powder
2 eggs beaten off cock
1 tbsp cooking oil
1/2 tsp vanilla powder
2 tsp chocolate paste
2 tbsp cocoa powder
1/2 tsp fine salt
100 cc of water
oil for frying
How To Make:
First mix the flour with the salt, powdered sugar, vanilla and milk powder. Stir untilblended. After that insert  the whisk eggs and oil. Knead until well blended.
Pour water little by little while continuing to knead until the dough is well blended andkalis.
Then grab a quarter the dough, leave it white. Mix the rest of the pasta dough withchocolate and cocoa powder and stir until well blended.
Putihdi dough over the rolling pin to a thickness of 1 mm Plastic and chocolate batterapprox 1/4 cm.
After that stack of white batter on top of the chocolate batter then roll and compress.Save it in the refrigerator for 1 hour or until the dough hardens.
Remove the dough from the refrigerator and cut into strips with a thickness of 2 mm,milled the dough has been cut back so that the cake is getting thin and crisp. Docontinue until the dough runs out.
Last heat the oil and FRY until the elephant ear of cooked and brownish yellow.
Remove and let cool and store in an airtight jar. 

Cat Tongue Cheese Cake Recipes Yummy Crispy Specials

Cat Tongue pastry is delicious Crunchy specials-stay counting the days, Ramadan andlebaran is already in sight. If you guys want to make a cake, cake's own tongue lebaranthis cat could you guys try with easy and practical. For the problem of taste,guaranteed is very tasty and crispy.

Cat Tongue Pastry Recipe with Cheese Crispy Delicious this Special, you guys could make a cat tongue pastry yourself at home, without complication and withoutdizziness. Because, the cat Tongue pastry Recipes Delicious Cheese Crisp Special it's been my process as easy as possible, up to sepraktis and really special for all of you.

Curious with how to make a cat tongue pastry using cookie recipe Cat Tongue TastyCheese Crisp Special ala dapursaja? Here's a Cat Tongue Cheese cake recipes YummyCrunchy Specials could you guys try and practise yourself at: ruamah

Delicious Crunchy Cat Tongue Pastry

Pastry Recipe Cat Tongue Tasty Cheese Crisp Special

The Ingredients To Make Delicious Cheese Cat Tongue Pastry Crisp:
200 g margarine
100 grams flour sugar
160 grams of low-protein flour
10 g powdered milk
5 egg whites
50 grams of sugar, sifted flour

How To Make A Cat Tongue Pastry Crispy Delicious:

Beat the margarine until soft. Put the flour with sugar. Whisk again until soft, 10 minutes.
Put the flour, powdered milk and sifted and stirred while flat. Set Aside.
Beat the egg whites until fluffy and a half. Add flour a little-a little while sugar beatenuntil fluffy. Sendokkan egg whites into the batter a little-a little flour while stirring.
Enter triangle bags. Spray a baking sheet in a cat's tongue dioles margarine is a bitthick.
The Oven 15 minutes with a temperature of 140 degrees celsius.
Like that's how to make a cat tongue pastry is delicious crispy by using Cat Tonguepastry Recipes Delicious Cheese Crisp special. Easy and practical, isn't it? Hopefully the  cat Tongue pastry Recipes Delicious Cheese Crisp Special it could be useful for all of you. Good luck.

Wingko Babat

Super qiiuuuttt TAH Trio, this is the 14th:D
Sorry Yes less beautiful in appearance, because everything I sent was first made, butputu ayu, qiqiqi of ...
But it feels good koq, disimpen new proof on the table for less than half of dah, in a period of less than a half hour. fiuuuh, fortunately had photographed used to be Yes.
Reckless little ga what well, evidence that the NCC really spur members to be bakingbetter and better again. Amin.
Many say this snack derives from Semarang, but apparently it originated in Babat, a small area in Lamongan, East Java.
And many people have jobs because of the food, because many companies that produce it.
Here's the recipe of Delicacies. Hopefully pleasing yaaa ... ....

150 grams of white sticky rice flour
300 grams of grated coconut rough
1/8 teaspoon vanilla powder
1/4 teaspoon salt
200 g granulated sugar
1 egg
150 g thick coconut milk instant
3 pieces of jackfruit, cut in squares (ga pake ga, soalnya, hehehe ...)

The Way Of Processing:
Mix glutinous flour white, coarsely grated coconut, vanilla powder, salt, and sugar.Squeeze-squeeze until the sugar dissolves.
Add the eggs. Mix well. Pour the coconut milk a little-a little while diuleni flat. Enter the jackfruit. Mix well.
Pipihkan dough. Spherical shape.
Preheat a wok is flat. Wingko is grilled  until cooked.
For 32 pieces

Who does not know the pempek? A typical meal with Palembang has a distinctiveflavor and delicious mixed with seasoning made from tamarind, sugar, and other ingredients. Pempek liked by almost everyone, especially those who are fond of spicyand savory foods such as pempek. Regular Pempek is served with chunks of cucumbercut squares to neutralize the spicy flavor and makes a meal more fresh pempek. There have been many that sell good stall pempek food stalls on the roadside and in therestaurant a restaurant that makes its own pempeknya or also makes special from the makers of pempek. The best Pempek are made of flour and mashed mackerel fishmeat. Therefore, the ideals it was savory, crunchy, spicy, United in your mouth with a very refreshing spiciness. It would be nice if you can make yourself your favoritepempek is at home with ingredients that are already secured, clean and healthy, wellyou don't have to bother looking for seller pempek on the highway or into placeswhere to eat.

500 gr of mackerel fish meat
500 gr of starch
1/2 tbsp salt
4 eggs
1/2 teaspoon seasoning
75 cc of water
100 gr ebi
250 cc of water is heated
500 gr of wet noodles
2 liters of water
50 grams glass noodles
250 cc of water is heated
2 pieces of cucumber
Mix the chopped fish mackerel with starch, salt, and seasoning, then stir well, turningthe water a little bit tuangi while diuleni to the dough can be shaped and not inherentin hand.
the already formed dough lengthwise and put into boiling water
lift the pempek, then drain, and FRY in hot oil sampat brownish/mature.
Pempek can be served cooked properly wet noodles, glass noodles, or ebi thatroasted peanuts.
As a complement, cut cucumber boxes with small size/you like and then sprinkle on the seasoning had poured pempek asamnya which was delicious and spicy.

October 01 2014


This Menu Is Called Chicken Rice

Full of spices and pungent, so characteristic of Balinese cuisine. Fans often refer to the island of gods cuisine rice with assorted side dishes typical of Bali as "Bali Rice". In Ubud, Bali "rice" is referred to as "chicken rice" because it uses the versatile side dish of chicken.

There is a presumption in the culinary Department of Ubud is expensive. In fact, if you stop by the area of Kedewatan adjacent rice stalls, there is so famous and tasty, but with a very affordable price. Frequent travellers to Bali would certainly have been acquainted with the mother of Kedewatan adjacent Mangku chicken rice.

This place is so famous and entered in the international and domestic travellers recommendation as dining options in Ubud. Entered into a "stall" is indeed a simple and not too impressed at large. There are only a few wooden tables and chairs. But don't get me wrong, it is surprising at first, try running is getting into. There are several halls equipped desk to sit cross-legged.

Certainly all the typical Balinese House architecture. So eat at this place like the Middle were packed by the friend of the people of Bali in her home.

Chicken Rice Kedewatan adjacent Mother Mangku also provides a menu for the group. So if you come in a group, it is suitable to be used as a lunch option. Let alone a place large enough to accommodate up to dozens of people. Unfortunately, the narrow streets and there was no parking for car or bus, can be a constraint.

For the menu groups presented in the form of a buffet. The menu can be selected. But at a cost of $ 5 per person, at least 50 people, could get some rice, side dish, vegetable, fruit, and mineral water.

The fruit is usually orange. While they make is chicken pelalah chicken or shredded-shred and given a full set of familiar spices seasoning called megenep. His trademark is the spicy flavor of Chili, turmeric and kaempferia galanga flavor dominant, and the strong scent of Lemongrass.

Additional courses: lilit satai is chicken and egg boiled. While the vegetable is a vegetable audience for, i.e., long beans and grated coconut. Usually the audience using the meat, but the audience only contains plain vegetable vegetables only.

Would not be complete without chicken rice chilli sauce. Sambal chilli embe is presented or the sambal  fried shallots. It consists of spicy cayenne pepper, the onion has been fried, and shrimp paste.

If you come by yourself, one serving of chicken rice pelalah chicken which consisted of shredded or chunk chicken thighs, boiled egg, and vegetable audience, satai lilit, and fried peanuts and crisps the skin only Rp 17,000. Very cheap for the portions are quite large.

Campina Launches Two New Ice Cream Flavors To Taste Young Indonesia

ce cream is one of the popular dishes throughout the ages. Available in various types, shapes and flavours, ice cream is able to give joy, improving mood and spoiling the tongue.
In Indonesia, the rate of pengonsumsian ice cream was still inferior to other countries in Southeast Asia. As delivered, the National Sales Andjono Adji &, Marketing Manager of Campina, "consumption of ice cream in Indonesia including low i.e. 0.6 litres per capita per year."

But on the other hand, the amount of ice cream consumption among the youth in Indonesia is quite high.

"For teens can konsumsinya three times per capita, reaching a 2 liter," bright Adji currently found in the launch of two new flavors of Campina Concerto Bold at Tartine, FX Lifestyle X'nter Sudirman, Jakarta, Monday (9/9).

The Philippines ranked the highest level ice cream pengonsumsian in Southeast Asia. While Thailand occupied the second position. This is influenced by several factors such as history, economics and culture.

However, Indonesia still has a high number of enthusiasts if talk among teenagers. Ice cream flavor that is known to the most sought after chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

With the high interest in ice cream in Indonesia, PT Campina Ice Cream Industry (Campina) launched two new variants of the Bold, the Concerto Choco Brownie and Milky Berry.

Ice cream cone with chocolate slab is made specifically according to the tastes of teenagers. Choco Brownie ice cream cone offer chocolate with bits of cake brownies, chocolate sauce, chocolate layer chocolate sprinkles and mini. While the Milky Berry ice cream cone flavor is vanilla with  strawberry sauce, a layer of chocolate and nut topping.

Expected to give a complete eating experience as well as enthusiasm for new ice cream lovers.

Mencicip Meal Mukimin origin Sumsel at Mecca

Pempek Fish Submarine Belida Bangladesh

For most of the Congregation and the clerk original of haji Sumatera Selatan (Sumsel), the name of the city Mecca Rozali Ruslan, are familiar. Mukimin had decades of settled in the Arjazair, the Utaibiah, considered the Jarwal elders and trusted as a representative for most travel agents travel Hajj and ' umrah.


At FIRST GLANCE, it looks from the outside only a shophouse building and pieces of typical Arabian. Looks drab and dull are exposed to dust, authors and groups of officers 6 Kloter Palembang then enters and then ride the elevator to the 5th floor, passed up stairs to the 6th floor.
Until finally in a doorway, Ruslan and his wife, Laila, open the door and welcome groups. "Waalaikum salam, sign-in," said Ruslan, answering greetings from Chairman Kloter 6 Palembang HM Herri Zakka.
Difference temperature outdoors, so enter a House feels so full air conditioning Door was immediately closed, so that hot steam could not get into the room. Sound of music songs sound too Sumsel area, from the DVD set in the living room.
As a food and beverage opener, guests are served fruit and typical arab coffee kurman (gahwa). Coffee taste like spices, kinda tasted slightly spicy and warm like bandrek. Palembang, South Sumatra and specialties is also, already terhidang.
For a light snack, pempek submarines, meatballs, fried vegetable fritter, sweet, fruit and ice-sop leccy-jackfruit-already presented in the living room table. "Payo, diaturi. Dewek-Ambek dewek. Nak pempek apo meatballs, dak need to be shy, "said Ruslan offers.
Fruits are also presented, such as kiwi fruit, black and green grapes, apples, oranges, and bananas. "Kalo nak eat rice, back on the table," added Ruslan.
On the table behind the buffet style, already terhidang Indonesia specialities. Boiled fish such as catfish, fish laish, vegetable butters sayur lodeh, good, chicken goulash, mujahir fish, fried chicken, fried shrimp, tofu-tempeh, gado-gado, chicken soup, meat soup, egg Sambal, noodle stir-fry, and
"This fish Pempek belido import from Bangladesh, many in the market of Mecca," said Ruslan, a man from the village of Sri Tanjung, Tanjung Batu, Ogan Ilir Regency (OI). He has already lived and settled (mukimin) in Mecca, since 40 years ago. Beloved wife was acquainted with in the Holy land.

While his wife are alumni of the Faculty of agriculture (FP) Sriwijaya University, already 31 years old be mukimin in Mecca. "Thank God, there have  been grandchild three people. Our two children, lived in Palembang. Kelapa Gading, complex blocks of G 2, Km 9. Opposite the garden of flowers, "bright Laila, who comes from the village of Rantau love, S, Sub District Muba.
According to Laila, each season of Hajj House is open 24 hours for the Congregation of Indonesia. Moreover, her husband, as representative in Mecca than a few Hajj and umrah travel agents. So it is also busy, as the seasons of Hajj like this.
Ruslan justify, officers made up of several regions such as Yogyakarta, Surakarta, Magelang, and Palembang, and others. If this helps the Hajj season traveling, like a guide city tour, Hajj or umrah ba'dal, to help you find suitable cattle to pay for dam or sacrifice.
Even though it was busy and working in the Holy Land, Ruslan was not forgotten with a hometown. Every year, he and his wife have always returned to Palembang and the village of his birth. "Out of this Hajj balek, since november 5, ado's nephew married. Anaknyo Pak Sulaiman Al-Hikmah KBIH ketuo, "he said

Sticky rice balls recipe Contents Kumbu

Also called onde-onde, cakes made from glutinous rice flour. From this cute shape you'll want to immediately taste it. While the Kumbu is a term to describe the contents of the brown sugar.


500 gr of glutinous rice, soak for 1 hour
500 ml coconut milk
2 pieces of bay leaf
1 stalk Lemongrass, memarkan
1 teaspoon salt
50 gr of White Sesame
50 gr black sesame
Oil for frying

Material content:
Chocolate aniseed sprinkles
Dates, seeded

How to make:

1. Glutinous: sticky rice Steamed with medium heat for 30 minutes, raise.
2. boil coconut milk, pandan leaves, salt, bay leaf, and stem of Lemongrass while stir until boil. Steamed sticky rice until done.
3. take a sticky dough approximately 10 grams, form balls, fill with the stuffing ingredients, such as dates. Rounded back, roll over white and black sesame mixture. Make sure the entire surface of the median swathed. Do continue until all the dough is used up.
4. Fry in hot oil over medium heat for 2 minutes. Remove, drain, prick with a skewer. Serve warm.

September 09 2014


Bored? Try warm your Wedding Tips 4

There are times when boredom menghinggap in  marriage. As time goes by, Yourmarriage will go to a comfortable level.

You get to know each other and eventually everything so easily predictable. You know what you want a pair, and vice versa.

The cozy relationship is certainly fun, but there's the other side that You shouldbeware of, namely a sense of saturation.

In order to be able to return your marriage relationship is warm like the courting just yet, try the following four ways, as quoted from Youqueen.

Holiday Together

When was the last time you went on vacation both with couples without children? If it is long, then now is the right time.

Go on vacation to a place far away from all the bustle of everyday, starting from the work in the Office and at home, can really help your relationship. Because in the end you are going to focus on one another, without interruption.

You don't need to break into the romantic. Just make sure that the place that can make you relax and unwind with a couple.

Fantasy Relationship Of Married Couples

Even if You are married, have long talked about fantasy relationships married couples You sometimes can become very uncomfortable. But one way closer with a partner is to speak honestly.

How this could come back to warm your relationship with spouse, especially life fuck you, when you and your spouse can both embody the fantasy of it.

Comfort Zone

There are times when you need to get out of the comfort zone by changing routines.The bottom line make Your marriage relationship not impressed the monotony.

For example, if you're used to cook and eat at home every day, then make a new habitby going out to dinner once a week, both with couples.

Change Your eating places as well. Don't hesitate to try new restaurants and try the new menu that unison never try before.

Couples Social Situations

You may often spend time with the couple, but when would you ever perform withcouples in public?

Try being a couple at a public event, for example on the show the Office, friends,wedding party or gatherings with kin.

By becoming a partner in a social situation, you can see how the couple's interactionwith other people and try to know him from the other side.
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Busy Nangis, Dewi Sandra Absent on Marraige Chua "box"

Goddess Sandra apologized to Chua's "box", and Firmansyah Putra Mahidin, because it is not able to attend their wedding held in the town of Salatiga, Central Java.

"I'm sorry baseball could come up again, because it is busy to cry," said Dewi asquoted obsession, Globab TV.

In that opportunity, the goddess also denied marriage to Chua and the word heldimpromptu. Remember, the goddess is enough to know the process of their approach.

"I can go to the baseball card. Pas I know says the same courting Chua, ' Hey, I knowthe same lo ', ' Lo doing the same sister I? '. ' Hehehe, okay, young man ', "saidVelasquez.

"His approach is quite a long Process, so we have a lot of hospitality with family. I'm happy, I'm very happy for them both, they finally find one decision to unitethemselves, to worship, we wish happy always, "shut him up.

August 27 2014


When Kate Middleton Turned So Cartoon Character, This Is The Result!

Charm owned Kate Middleton really wonderful indeed. Because of that, no wonder ifPrince William became a source of inspiration for many people. However, you have to imagine what it looks like Kate's appearance if he became a cartoon character?
Well, maybe the fact unique to this one could be the answer. For you who like the series THE SIMPSONS would have is not familiar with the appearance of being versatilethis is not yellow? But how great would it be if one of the characters in this cartoonlook just like Kate?

Just look at such sightings in the photo below. You will be made see what kind would it be unnerved if the Duchess of Cambridge was transformed into one of the characters of THE SIMPSONS.

In these portraits, the character of THE SIMPSONS is completely transformed into the figure of the famous Kate very stylish. Just look at how the similarities of hair, clothing,shoes, and even pump clutch bag which he put on. Everything is really similar to Kate.

This paper turns out is the work of an artist from Italy named Alessandro Palombo. Asreported by of Hello Magazine, he took inspiration from the fashion tastes of a highclass and Kate tried to tilt her favorite cartoon show in the painting, THE SIMPSONS.

Well, according to you, how the appearance of Kate's version of THE SIMPSONS is this?Yuk, share your opinion in the comments below! ;)
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